Did you know?

The majority of surveys you pay for on a property do not go in depth when it comes to checking the electrical layout of the property and the person checking it often does not look at the internal wiring of the property.

More to the point the person checking it, unless a qualified electrician & qualified inspector, is not even allowed to remove electrical points or consumer unit covers to inspect the wiring and systems underneath. Why take the risk of buying a property you have to spend thousands on when you can the price off the sale price of the property?

Why do I need an Electrical Intsallation Condition Report?

Legislation requires electrical installations to be maintained in a safe condition and therefore, must be periodically inspected and tested.
Routine inspections enable you to provide a safe place of business or a home. Whether it be your own home, a home you are buying/selling, or your tenants home. The process of visual and physical testing is known as Electrical Installation Condition Reporting (EICR) and is conducted on installations such as electrical wiring, circuits and connections. This testing is carried out on the entire electrical system within your home or business.

How often do I need a test?

A commercial property – 5 years maximum. Your own home, every 10 years. Rented properties 5 years or at the change of each tenancy. We do also offer an annual visual only inspection EICR for the Private Rented Sector – click the see more button for details.

MPS LTD offer 20% test of room accessories along with 100% visual inspection. Not only does this give you peace of mind that you are fully compliant and your electrical systems are safe, there is an added benefit for insurance premiums as a qualified person is inspecting & testing your premises.

Why choose MPS for an EICR?

As an Approved Inspection and Testing Company, our team of specialist, registered Electrical Inspectors can help to keep you fully compliant with the latest Health and Safety Legislation. Your electrical installation is tested against the UK Standards for the safety of electrical installations BS 7671 Requirements.