Are you thinking of having a rewire on your home ?

Then look no further. We are rewiring specialists! We have a full team of electricians who will attend on day one to do what we call a “walk around” with you. This is where our lead electrician will walk with you and note where you would like the new sockets/switches putting. The team will dust sheet all your furniture and floors, to try to make the rewire process as stress free as possible.

When is rewiring a house necessary?

  • If your property has not been rewired within the last 30-40 years it will more than likely need to be. Or at least part of it, in order to bring it up to current 18th edition wiring regulations and modern day standards.
  • The lead outer sheath, TRS rubber wiring may be breaking down or the older pvc may be missing the earth cpc cabling.
  • If you are planning major remodeling work that constitutes a material alteration as defined by the Building Regulations, it is likely that you will need to rewire part, if not all, of the property. This includes things like upgrading the consumer unit (fuse box) to a RCD / RCBO.
  • If you are extending your home or making modifications to out buildings, this will constitute new work because new electrical circuits need to be installed and as such all of the new wiring will have to conform to Part P of the Electrical Building regulations. The existing wiring may have to be improved to ensure that it is able to carry the additional electrical loads safely.

What is a quality home electrical rewire?

A quality rewire will ensure all twin and earth cabling is clipped to the joists underneath the floors and above the ceilings. We use the highest quality of pvc twin and earth cabling. We ensure all cables are capped and no joints are concealed underneath the floors or above the ceilings.

All our switches, sockets & light fittings are decorative and molded backed up wit a 10 year warranty from us.The materials we install in your home as part of the rewire are the best branded quality on the market.

Our promise to you

From the start of the rewire to the completion you can rest assured that MPS Electrical Ltd have the work in hand. We even offer a cosmetic plastering patch up afterwards too!

All our rewires come with a 10 year parts and labor warranty. All work is fully certified and certificated by an accredited company for peace of mind. Fixed price affordable, quality home rewires by reputable electrical contractors.

Rewiring socket circuits

We install dedicated ring mains during the rewire throughout the property to spread the load of modern day appliances – a dedicated ring main for the kitchen, ground floor and 1st floor

Rewiring lighting circuits

We install a dedicated lighting circuit per floor within the property to spread the load throughout. Downlights can be added during this time.

Fuse box

As standard in all our rewires we will install a metallic fire rated 18th edition RCBO fuse board complete with RCBO circuit breakers. This is not to be confused with the cheaper dual RCD fuse box that we do not recommend.

We also install AFDD & SPD devices to our fuse boxes.